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Excellent class. Very challenging, but fun. I learned a huge amount.
Ruby Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness

Designer's Guide Class Offerings

We offer training classes that are both demanding and rewarding. All classes are designed to give you a good foundation in simulation, modeling, or verification and provide understanding and insights that would be difficult to get in any other way.

Dates for Our Classes

  • Analog Verification (details)
    • No classes scheduled. On-site classes only.
  • Modeling Basics for Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Design and Verification (details)
    • No classes scheduled. On-site classes only.
  • Effective Use of Circuit Simulation for Analog/Mixed-Signal/RF Designs (details)
    • No classes scheduled. On-site classes only.
  • Introduction to Analog Verification (details)
    • No classes scheduled. On-site classes only.

Click here for information on group registration.

On-site classes: In addition to these classes, we give our classes on-site at customer locations worldwide. If you are interested, please contact us.

Other Locations: We're currently only hosting classes in San Jose, CA. If you are interested in attending a class in Europe, Asia, or somewhere else, please contact us also.

We let you decide whether or not we hold class. We can't host a class without enough people, so we're going to let you decide if we hold a class. The status of each class is shown above. If you are interested in taking the class, please register. Please don't wait until the last minute. There might not be any space left, or if there are too few people, we might cancel the class. If we haven't met the minimum, perhaps you could convince a colleague or two to take the class with you. Your registration is not counted until we receive payment either by credit card, check, or purchase order. If we decide not to hold the class, it's your choice as to whether or not we refund your money or give you credit for another class.

These are Designer's Guide Classes. They are either taught by Ken Kundert or Henry Chang. Although we're hosting our classes at Cadence® training facilities, these are not Cadence classes. We cannot accept Cadence training credits or any form of prepayment to Cadence that you might have made. The only way to enroll in these classes is to sign-up on this website.

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Class Locations

  • Cadence Training Facilities, San Jose- 2655 Seely Avenue, Building 6, San Jose, CA 95134. For more information, please go to this Cadence webpage, and click on "San Jose, CA" near the top. Maps, directions, and hotel suggestions can be found there.
  • Cadence Training Facilities, Europe - TBD

Class terms and conditions.

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If you are interested in taking one of our public clasess or are interested in arranging a private class to be held at your facilities, please contact us.

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